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Tasty Bytes presents a fantastic one page website option – ideal for small Companies, start-ups, social groups or one man bands who want a stylish, professional internet presence.

On1Page can also be the perfect solution for a special business pitch, product demonstration – or a secure multi-media content presentation that can be distributed far and wide, with just a link.

Much more than a Facebook page, cheaper than a full website, it has all the potential of our full-customised multi-page websites – all on just 1 page!

Built on World-leading WordPress software, On1Page websites are fully responsive for mobile devices, totally Google-friendly. They can be extended at any time, with additional pages, special functionality – even as an online store. All the way up to a fully customised, multi-page website!

Perfect for anyone that wants a website to grow with the business.


Bottomless page

Your whole website is laid out in easy to follow sections, each one below the last – so all you have to do is scroll down! There’s even a menu to let you slide down the page to exactly the section you’re interested in!

Perfect for anyone looking at your website on a Phone!

Professionally Built

There are plenty of affordable ‘Do.It.Yourself’ websites out there, but do you have the skill or time to create the website your business needs?

We can set up your ‘On1Page’ website quickly and affordably – completely tailored to suit your needs. 

Fully Responsive

Means it can be viewed on all mobile devices.. like iPhones, smartphones and tablets – as well as looking great on laptops & great big Desktops. It also works on Smart TVs and Games consoles!

In fact, there isn’t a computer device available that it won’t work with – and never will be.


Great SEO

As Google, Yahoo & Bing internet searches now favour Responsive websites just like these, (and are ignoring those silly old non-responsive ones) prospective customers and friends everywhere will be able to find you easily, on any device – and from anywhere.

Now, the World really is at your fingertips!

On1Page Websites

Click on the image to visit the website

Organic Herbs & Seedlings provide plants for top restaurants, home gardeners & nurseries.

Alex Tofield is a freelance Food Stylist, Caterer and nutritionist.

Afinishay Capital are a UK firm of Financial Advisors based in South Kensington, London. Their website is a simple contact and information centre.

Garden Landscape Design is a small landscape & garden consultancy in the UK, providing specialised horticultural knowledge and services to homeowners with large gardens but little time. Our 1st ever On1Page website.

David & Goliath is a UK Debt advisory business, providing advice, negoation and resolution managemnent d=for individuals and small companies in debt to large corporations, banks or agencies.

Rain is a start-up Water company seeking investors (Password Protected Website)

Our own Creative Director & Designer has his own website On1Page!

Villa Etoile du Sud is a beautiful villa for rent in the South of France, in the hills near St. Tropez. This appealing On1Page website provides a better insight to the property than standard booking websites can provide.

This On1Page website is a perfect example – seperate from our own main website it showcases all the features of this product on 1 page.

– On1Page Features –

Fully Branded

Your logo, font, colour schemes and full-on stylishness.

Minimalist, Tricky, Traditional, Fun or Furious – your Brand is reflected throughout your website.

Style + Function

Your website can be whatever you want it to be.

Simple, elegant, complex, full of gadgets.. we can build a website that does anything your business needs it to do.

Social Media

facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, YouTube, snapchat, whatsapp, tinder, tumblr, reddit, linkedin, diggit, rig-it, younameit.

FeedIt, GrowIt. ShareIt, 

Creative Work

Write, design, photograph, retouch, video, edit, conceive.. we can create anything you need. With an awarded background in Advertising we know some stuff that’ll make you look amazing.


For Shops, Retailers, Growers & Providores – Farmers, Seamstresses, Designers, Artist, Photographers, jewellers, cooks, scmooks and hookers.


Online Contact Forms, SignUps, Bookings, Waivers, Requests, Applications, Sales, CVs and Consent Forms.

Forms for Builders, Schools, Lawyers and Orders.


The world of WordPress is packed with developers creating plug-ins to do everything you can imagine – from booking forms and eCommerce to calendars, blogs and slideshows.


Any damn thing you can think of we can add to your new website.


Go on. Try us.

Make your website match your business

Show visitors who you are & what you do – with a customised design, unique font and colour scheme which represents your brand.


This is a great personal reference. You should include this as a Testimonial, so people know that someone else had a good experience with your company. Hap E Customer

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